vendredi 7 novembre 2008

Shabby Apple

J'ai récemment découvert un site web génial qui offre des robes tout simplement magnifiques! Elles sont féminines à souhait et donnent le goût de remplacer tous nos pantalons par de jolies robes. Le site a présentement un concours qui consiste à créer notre propre petit kit (robe, accessoires et souliers), de lui donner un nom et de dire pourquoi nous avons choisi cet ensemble. Comme le concours stipule que nous devons mettre le tout sur notre blog et que Shabby Apple est un site anglophone, je dois maintenant passer du français à l'anglais pour les besoins de la cause. Pardonnez-moi mon anglais...Alors je me lance!

Shabby Apple contest

Recently, I have discovered a wonderful web site that offers amazingly feminine dresses. I fell in love with each and every one!

When I read on their blog that there was a contest going on and that I had a chance to win my own Shabby Apple dress, I jumped on my computer and started to work on this fun project!

But instead of creating just one outfit, I've ended up creating four! I was soooooo inspired!!

Since the day I discovered Shabby Apple, I can't imagine myself wearing anything else but dresses. I'm a mama of 3 wonderful kids and my baby is only 3 months old. So, can you imagine what I'm presently wearing?!? Yeah, you guessed it: pants, t-shirts and colorful socks! But I wish that from now on I can wear more feminine clothes and feel like a woman again! Thanks Shabby Apple for the inspiration! I just can't wait to wear my first Shabby Apple dress!!

So here are my four outfits that make me dream at night (and during the day!).

Gorgeous (and mama of 3)

Ready for shopping spree

Cupcakes with friends
Playing with kids

Don't forget to visit Shabby Apple's website and blog!

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